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Algopix vs Zik Analytics: Best eCommerce Product Research Tool?

Algopix vs Zik Analytics: Best eCommerce Product Research Tool?

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Algopix vs Zik Analytics: You’ve probably heard about these product research tools, but you might be puzzled about which one is the perfect choice for your eCommerce business.

In this comparison article, we’ll be doing an ultimate showdown comparison of Algopix vs Zik Analytics. Breakdown of their pros and cons, and key features. This way you can evaluate and decide which one would suit your needs better.

When it comes to selling on online marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon, the importance of data-driven decisions are vital for success. Algopix and Zik Analytics are two of the most popular data-driven tools for marketplace analysis.

Algopix Vs Zik Analytics

So, let’s start the comparison battle between Zik Analytics versus Algopix:

A Detailed Comparison Between Algopix vs Zikanalytics:

What is Zik Analytics?

Zik Analytics is one of the best leading eBay market research tools. It sweeps data from eBay and provides users with insights into what is selling well on the platform.

A Little Bit More About Zik Analytics Platform

Zik Analytics offers users access to data such as historical sales, product information, and search results.

It offers detailed information on product demand, prices, and other data that can help sellers make informed decisions about what to sell on eBay. It provides fast, accurate, and actionable insights for businesses of all sizes.

Simply enter a keyword or product and we’ll provide you with ideas for related keywords, suggestions for products to sell, and a search engine that will help you find the best prices on those products.

Why to use Zik Analytics

This tool offers a list of 500 top-selling products weekly. This data can help sellers identify new market opportunities for their products and optimize their listings for maximum sales.

Zik Analytics also provides data on prices and estimated profits, so sellers can get an idea of what they could potentially make from a sale.

It also offers users the ability to find products that have high margins and to compare prices between different sellers.

The company has helped 100,000 sellers sell more products and has a 100 million product database.

Zik Analytics Stats

Pros of Zik Analytics:

  • It’s very easy to use – you can search for a product by keyword or ASIN, and then see data on how well that product is selling, what the competition looks like, and more.
  • It’s updated in real-time – so you can always be sure you’re seeing the latest information on products.
  • It covers all categories of products on eBay – so whether you’re selling clothes, electronics, or anything else, it will have the data you need.
  • Can find winning products in minutes
  • Has a mobile application
  • Zik offers great customer service, with helpful and responsive support staff.

Cons of Zik Analytics:

  • Limited only to eBay product research
  • It can be time-consuming to use
  • The tool can be a bit pricey, depending on the subscription level you choose.

We have produced a detailed step-by-step guide to Zik Analytics Review. Check out the guide if you want to master the Zik Analytics tool.

What is Algopix?

Algopix is the leading cross-channel market analysis solution. This data includes information on the competition, pricing, and demand for the product.

Algopix also offers users the ability to compare prices between different sellers and to find products that have high margins.

A Little Bit More About Algopix Platform

It helps businesses to identify and assess opportunities across multiple sales channels, including Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

Like Zik Analytics, Algopix analyzes data from various online marketplaces. However, Algopix goes even further by also providing data on shipping costs, customs fees, and other important factors.

This makes Algopix a very comprehensive tool that can be used to find the best products to sell online.

Algopix Tool Stats

The report found that Algopix has analyzed 1B products on 17 different marketplaces along with 71,000 satisfied customers.

Pros of Algopix:

  • It’s a comprehensive tool that allows you to research products from all different angles and supports multiple marketplaces.
  • 7 days free trial – No credit card required
  • It is easy to use and makes finding profitable products a breeze.

Cons of Algopix:

  • The tool is slow and glitchy sometimes

We have produced a detailed step-by-step guide to Algopix Review. Check out the guide if you want to master the Algopix Marketplace tool.

Algopix Pricing:

$27.99 per month

Free Version

Free Trial for 7 Days

Zik Analytics Pricing:

$29.99 per month

Paid Version

7 Days Free Trial for $1 Only

Algopix Company Information:

  • Algopix Holding Ltd
  • Founded: 2015
  • Country: United States

Zik Analytics Company Information

  • N.G.C.A Technology Enterprises
  • Founded: 2016
  • Country: Cyprus

Algopix Website


Zik Analytics Website


Algopix Community

Sadly, Algopix Facebook Community has been inactive for over two years.

Zik Analytics Community

Zik Analytics has a great community on Facebook. They post interesting frequent videos, and articles, answer customer questions and run contests. You can learn a lot from them, and it’s been a great resource for every beginner.

Algopix Chrome Extension

By using the Algopix chrome extension, you can obtain immediate access to the information you need about a product.

Zik Booster Chrome Extension

The ZIK Booster chrome extension helps with the following:

  • VERO Checker
  • Sales Trends
  • Competition Checker
  • Fast Product Research
  • Seller Location

Now we have learned how this extension works.

Let’s move on to explaining and comparing each tool of Algopix against Zik Analytics:

List of Tools of Algopix

  • Single Product Market Analysis
  • Analyze by Category and Brand
  • Analyze by Seller
  • Store Analysis

List of Tools of Zik Analytics

  • Product Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Category Research
  • Title Builder
  • Autopilot
  • Bulk Scanner
  • Turbo Scanner
  • AliGrowth Scanner

Comparing Each Tool of Algopix vs Zik Analytics:

Algopix Tool #1: Single Product Market Analysis

This is a tool to analyze products. This will also compare the product you searched on different platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Here, you don’t get a wide analysis and it will be difficult for you to discover more opportunities.

Zik Analytics Tool #1: Product Research

Here you can do your research on any keywords, any niches, or anything you want to sell on eBay.

You can also change the shipping location. On the settings, you can also change the supplier option. This tool, it’ll give you the best match results.

You can also see the statistics like the Sale Earnings, Sold Items, Listing, and Average Product Price.

There is the pie chart as well that gives you the idea of who is the one selling the most. The list on the bottom is all for eBay.

You can see on the left side the name of the seller and the Scan seller Icon to get more information about that seller.

You can also see the title of the products and on the right side, the number of times it was sold, the price, and you can also see a button that will enable you to check the item on Aliexpress.

Algopix Tool #2: Analyze by Category and brand.

Using this tool, you can search for a specific category and brand. You can also set the number of items to analyze.

Once you hit the search button, you can see that you don’t get a bunch of information on each product right away, you will need to check one by one.

Zik Analytics Tool #2: Category Research

This gives you insight into every eBay category. It gives you the option to find great sellers and items in every category.

Algopix Tool #3: Store Analysis

You can choose what platform and country you would want to do your research on and put the seller name that comes from eBay. As you can see, the searching load is taking some time to load.

Zik Analytics Tool #3: Scan Seller

This allows you to check the seller or anyone you know of to search on eBay. As you can see, using the same seller name, Zik analytics gives you right away all the information about the seller.

This analyzes all the sellers that you’ve searched for.

Zik Analytics Tool #4: Item Finder

This gives you similar products from the one you are searching for and if not, the same products on Aliexpress, Amazon, Google search, Walmart, and CJ Dropshipping.

You can also see the rating, price, the number of sold items, and the profit you could be making.

Zik Analytics Tool #5: Title Builder

The Zik Title builder uses sales data from eBay to find the best keywords and help you build your own and best title. It also gives you the estimated search volume of the searched keyword or niche.

The goal is to give you a huge amount of searches. You would want to have a lower competition number because you don’t want to compete with a lot of sellers on eBay.

Zik Analytics Tool #6: Zik Pro: Bulk Scanner

This scans the eBay Seller and crosses compare to other eBay Sellers such as Amazon and Walmart

Zik Analytics Tool #7: Zik Pro: Best Selling eBay Items

This shows you the best items that did great on eBay for the last 48 hours.

Zik Analytics Tool #8: Zik Pro: Ali Growth Scanner

This tool finds items on Aliexpress that are in trend

Zik Analytics Tool #9: Zik Pro: Turbo Scanner

It gives the seller the option to filter out all the items to find the best-selling items based on the sell-through rate, successful listings, competition level, as well as total sales.

This is a great tool for the people who list hundreds or thousands of items and don’t have the time to do research.

Zik Analytics Tool #9: Zik Pro: Autopilot

It automates all your eBay product research. You have the choice to choose all the items and export them.

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There you have it: our Algopix vs Zik Analytics complete comparison. There is no easy answer when it comes to deciding which product research tool is the best.

Algopix vs Zik Analytics: These are both great tools for your eCommerce Business. Each tool has its unique strengths and weaknesses.

In our opinion, the Algopix tool is the best alternative to the Zik Analytics tool.

And similarly, Zik Analytics is the best alternative to Algopix.


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