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eBay Restriction MC011 – Road to Account Recovery? (Ultimate Guide)

eBay Restriction MC011 – Road to Account Recovery? (Ultimate Guide)

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Dealing with an MC011 Restriction

eBay MC011 Restiction, Suspension

If you’ve ever faced the dreaded eBay Restriction MC011 notice, you’re not alone. Countless sellers have encountered this hurdle, wondering if they’ll ever regain access to their accounts.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of MC011 restrictions and explore your chances of account recovery.

What Is eBay Restriction MC011?

eBay Restriction MC011 is a common notification that sellers receive from eBay when their accounts face certain issues. It’s essential to understand that eBay takes its policies and standards seriously, which is why they may restrict your account if they believe it violates their rules.

Understanding the MC011 Restriction


This article is essential. It’ll not only show you how to fix this suspension but also how to avoid it in the first place.

The tricky part is that the message might not always mention MC011. Usually, they’ll ask for all your sales tracking numbers. Once you respond to that email, another one will come asking for identification documents.

Why Did You Get the MC011 Restriction?

MC011 is a tough one on eBay. eBay’s internal team handles it, and it typically happens for these reasons:

  1. You haven’t resolved issues with buyers, which raised concerns about your account.
  2. You’ve been slow to upload tracking numbers.
  3. High return and cancellation rates can trigger MC011.
  4. Lack of communication with buyers and bad customer service.
  5. Too many cases closed without your resolution
  6. You use different dropshipping methods on your account, eg. dropshipping from China (AliExpress to eBay) while at the same time you also dropship from Amazon to eBay.

Avoiding the MC011 Restriction

To avoid it, focus on keeping returns low, providing good customer service, and resolving cases properly. The tricky part is that eBay doesn’t show this metric on the site, but it’s common among dropshippers who often neglect customer service.

If you close cases without a resolution, you can check it in your seller dashboard on eBay.

If you use different dropshipping methods, like from China (AliExpress to eBay) and from Amazon to eBay, it can also trigger MC011.

Duration of an MC011 Suspension

Now, how long does an eBay MC011 suspension last? Unfortunately, MC011 is a permanent suspension. You’ll need to follow the process described in this article to get it removed.

Opening Another eBay Store

Can you open another eBay store if you don’t want to deal with this suspension?

No, you can’t.

eBay’s terms don’t allow it. The only option is to create an eBay stealth account. You can’t open another account with the same details.

Timeline of the Removal Process

If you’re wondering how long it takes to go through this process, MC011 is serious and can take up to 3 months to get a decision from eBay’s team. In most cases, they deny the appeal.

However, if you follow the steps in this post, it can take only a few days to a week to get a final decision and regain access to your account.

Removing MC011 on Your Own

Can you remove the MC011 suspension on your own?

That’s why this article exists. We want to help you remove this restriction. It’s based on the experience of the author and the founder of eCommerce Lava.

Understanding the Process

To start, it’s important to understand why you got the restriction. Sometimes, it’s not obvious; it could be a tracking number issue. We’ll figure out what to do and whom to contact for an appeal.

Avoid Calling eBay Support

Calling eBay support from Skype might seem like a good idea, but it won’t help. Regular customer support can’t handle this type of suspension. They’ll likely tell you to respond to the emails you received.

Uploading the Necessary Documents

So, follow the link in the email and upload the necessary files.

Does the document you send matter?

It’s best to choose options provided by eBay. You’ll have a better chance of success. Send:

  • Financial proof: A phone bill is a good choice. It should show your name, address, and be recent.
  • Proof of identity: Use your driver’s license. Take clear photos of both sides.
  • Proof of merchandise: Buy a few items from Amazon, pay with a credit card, and send them to the address linked to your eBay account. Get at least three invoices from separate orders. Then decide if you want to cancel them.

After uploading all the files, there’s a comment box where you can explain why you deserve to get your account back. Mention your recent good feedback and insist it’s a mistake.

Escalating the Issue

If you get no response, reach out to eBay support on their site. If that doesn’t work, email them to escalate the issue. It’s essential to show it’s important to you.

Keep the Proof Files

Don’t delete the proof files, as they might claim they didn’t receive them. Keep them for future reference.

Using External Services

Be Cautious

Now, if you’re looking for external services to help with the MC011 suspension, be cautious. Some people on Facebook offer to help are known as eBay insiders, but they can charge a significant amount of money.


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